Sunday, May 06, 2007


I just found out what happens when you accidentally put a $20 note into a tumble-dryer along with your wet washing.

It shrinks.

So, now I have this minature $20 note, that apart from being a little crinkled, and about 35% smaller than it should be, is quite unharmed. I wonder if it's still legal tender?


mskp said...

if not, you could always use stamps.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question Richard. Cannot be really sure but the Reserve Bank FAQ below suggests that the note can still be used if it is complete. However it could also be characterised as severely heat affected and then there seems to be a process which seems more complex than the AFL Draft for making a determination.

You could always go to a bank and ask them ?

TimT said...

Use it as counterfeit currency in the land of the midgets.

Melly` said...

Oh - I am interested to know what you can do with it? Surely it is legal tender and u will have to swap it? Or WORSE.. will you get introuble for defacing the note?

richardwatts said...

I bought a round of drinks with it at Cherry Rock on Sunday and the barmaid didn't blink an eye... So much for my brief moment of angst and pondering!